Inigo the noodle monster


Worshiping his noodly appendage

Thanks to Jenny for the cameraphone pic – we ran into her at the shops that I fled to when I couldn’t bear to stay at home entertaining the kid. I figured that a shopping center was a fairly benign (and cool) place to be.

Inigo, bless him, took two naps of nearly 2hours each. Love that kid!

I should also mention that this pic was taken at Tokyo Ramen, Hornsby. Ever since I left Japan, I’ve had a thing for ramen, and Tokyo Ramen is one of my two favourites in Sydney. The other one is Goshu Ramen in the city – but that one is much harder to get to.

And recently, both places have been named in a Japanese magazine as in the top 15 Ramen places in Sydney. Grab Your Fork has the full list!

Typhoid Mary*

I have Whooping Cough. There is a plague of it about – so if you’ve seen me in the last six weeks and have a little tickle a the back of your throat, see a doctor.

So far, Inigo seems fine. Mark just spent over $200 on seeing a doctor and getting a vaccination booster. It will be more when we get the antibiotic script filled.

I have antibiotics, and Prednisone for my asthma, which has been terrible. I am taking well over the amount of ventolin which is recommended. Apparently, if the Prednisone doesn’t make me dramatically better, I have to ship myself off to hospital.

So. I am feeling horrible – I could have spread this to hundreds of people during the time I was infectious, if only I knew when that was. My blood test shows that I have an active infection, but not if I am infectious or not, and not when I became infectious. If you feel sick, I am terribly, awfully sorry, and if you want to know anything about whooping cough, give me a call. SInce I got the news at 3pm, I have become quite the expert.

And now, I am off to my chaise lounge to freebase some laudanum.

*Typhoid Mary was a cook who travelled from job to job infecting her employers…

The science of raising happy kids

Just came across this blog, written by the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. She writes “since I’m reading all the research related to raising happy children anyway, I thought we might as well make it USEABLE to parents. We hope this is a valuable counterpoint to some of the more opinion-based parenting advice platforms that are out there, especially because sorting out fact from fiction can be confusing when it comes to parenting”.

I’ve been through the wringer a bit lately, swinging from theory to theory in a search for an answer to Inigo’s sleep issues. And though the attachment parenting theory feels right to me, I can’t make it work for my child.

This blog has loads of information that quotes actual, real science. Somebody has done experiments with live human children, and someone else has paraphrased the results to make them accessible to the sleep deprived.

For example, eating dinner with your children five times a week helps widen their vocabulary, reduces eating disorders, reduces drug addiction, connects kids to their family history, teaches good manners, and reduces depression and anxiety.

There’s heaps of material there, and I haven’t come across anything that solves all Inigo’s sleep issues yet, but I am happy to have found such a great resource. Books are great, but since I only get to read about a page a night before I crash, this will probably work better for me 🙂