Typhoid Mary*

I have Whooping Cough. There is a plague of it about – so if you’ve seen me in the last six weeks and have a little tickle a the back of your throat, see a doctor.

So far, Inigo seems fine. Mark just spent over $200 on seeing a doctor and getting a vaccination booster. It will be more when we get the antibiotic script filled.

I have antibiotics, and Prednisone for my asthma, which has been terrible. I am taking well over the amount of ventolin which is recommended. Apparently, if the Prednisone doesn’t make me dramatically better, I have to ship myself off to hospital.

So. I am feeling horrible – I could have spread this to hundreds of people during the time I was infectious, if only I knew when that was. My blood test shows that I have an active infection, but not if I am infectious or not, and not when I became infectious. If you feel sick, I am terribly, awfully sorry, and if you want to know anything about whooping cough, give me a call. SInce I got the news at 3pm, I have become quite the expert.

And now, I am off to my chaise lounge to freebase some laudanum.

*Typhoid Mary was a cook who travelled from job to job infecting her employers…

13 thoughts on “Typhoid Mary*”

  1. Oh no! Just waht you don’t need.

    DD was not fully immunised as a baby – she had a reaction to the injection at 4 months resulting in a hospital visit with a temperature of 41.8*; I have asked her to go and be immunised now – before her wedding in 10 days!


    1. Good idea Lynne, it’s everywhere. The other thing you can do if you think you’ve been exposed is to take a prophylactic dose of the anti-biotics. Although I don’t think I am infectious any more, and I intend to hide myself away for the forseeable future, the drugs should kill the bug and possibly protect the baby. Maybe it is also possible that he gets some protection from breastfeeding due to my exposure.

      Please pass on my best wishes for your daughter, I hope she has a wonderful day, and a loving supportive marriage 🙂


  2. I’m really sorry to read this. Take care of yourself. I remember how miserable it is – my kids all had it at once in about 1983. However, I didn’t catch it then, so I doubt you’ll have managed to give it to me now. (It’s all about me.)


    1. Friends of mine had it, and it sounded horrible. Of course, I didn’t see them at all before they got sick, so I don’t think I got it from them. I also don’t think I am all that sick. I feel tired, and I have a nasty cough, but I certainly don’t feel like I have plague. M-H, you saw me on saturday, between the tan and the weight loss, I look like the picture of health!

      Apart from the death rattle of course.

      The other funny thing is, I just remembered that I had a booster shot in 2000, which is supposed to last 10 years.

      And of course it’s all about you! I am horrified that I could have passed this on to anyone else! If I had the slightest idea that I was really, actually sick, instead of having bad asthma and a persistent cough, I’d be the first one off to emergency, complaining that I was dying…


  3. Get well soon ! Alex sends his love and he is currently destroying my laptop as I type…

    I will bring over some champagne which will go just nicely with the laudanam….


  4. Hey Doll – I will descend apon Casa Nettle with some garlickee not-chicken soup over the weekend if you are feeling up to a noisy fairy odd parent visit over the weekend…
    Chanting heathen rituals for the health of you three as I type!

    PS – no effects visible on me and I saw you the other day, so no need to ring a warning bell as you walk down the street


    1. Thanks Andrew! Unfortunately we’ll be going up to Pearl Beach for a Dad’s Birthday. At least if I am toxic, I’ve already exposed my family!


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