Since dad’s been helping out every week, we’ve often been going to the Taj vegetarian Indian in Harris Park for lunch. One of the lovely waitresses there has taken quite a shine to the youngster, and once took him out of his high chair and out the back to the kitchen. Where I know there is a back door.

Dad quipped “at least they are vegetarian”. Charming.

He’s quite the adventurous eater, and will give anything a go, especially if he sees me eating it. Even curries and samosas that I think are quite hot (and I have a high tolerance for chilli), and he is becoming a bit of a tourist attraction by the water cooler.

Anyway, our waitress friend has noted that Inigo likes Mango Lassi, I have been buying one to share with him, but lately he’s been drinking more and more. He managed to use a straw without issue!

So on Thursday, our waitress friend brought one extra lassi – a freebee for her special friend, all to himself.

Was he happy?


You bet he was!

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