Blog chaos


A pic from Tuesdays Auburn Breastfeeding mums ABA group – our room was double booked, so we squeezed 21 people into a tiny room! Lots of happy mums and babies, it’s such a joy to be part of this lovely group.

Apparently some one/thing has hacked into my blog again. I find this painful because the blog is my touchstone for where I was, what I was doing, and for reaching out and connecting. Life wouldn’t fall apart without the sparkly pink background gif and assorted blatherings, but it would be less fun.

And I find it very strange that anyone would bother trying to tear me down. I don’t get thousands of hits a week, or run a business, or do anything interesting here (unless you think talking about gin, dead babies and university bureaucracy is fun), so I can’t see what possible purpose there is in attacking it.

Mark seems to have fixed it now, bless him, and I hope the attacks stop. But I can see a new host in our future. Any recommendations internet peeps?

In real life today, I went to my support group, then had lunch with some lovely friends. So lovely in fact that I think all three of us ended up in tears more than once, and though it was wrenching and painful and hard, it was also uplifting and nurturing.

Then Squish had his first piano lesson, which he loved, and we’re looking forward to going back next week.

The tiredness is starting to get to me. I’m (apparently) still pregnant, and the first trimester tiredness is kicking my butt. The nausea rears it’s head every now and then, but it’s the tiredness that is really kicking me around. Driving to Lilyfield and back, and sitting on my butt all day has really taken it out of me.

So on that note, goodnight, and I will see the world tomorrow at about midday, when I finally get out of bed. Mark has this week off, so he is taking Squish to singing playgroup, and I get to have a massive lie in. And I don’t feel guilty at all much.

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