Four words

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!

Thank you Jezebel!

Now, for the news that matters…

I was granted 20 credit points by Macquarie. I can use those credit points to get exemptions for subjects that are similar to ones I have already done. On Friday I asked for an exemption for 100 level psych 1&2, with the intention that I would take 100 level stats this semester which would then allow me to take on 200 level subjects next semester.

I’ve been boring my friends stupid with talk of stats, of planning a light semester (only 1 subject, so I can really get my teeth into it), and mentally preparing myself for the onslaught.

And then I was granted an exemption for stats. An exemption I didn’t want, and didn’t ask for.

Now it seems like a free pass, “woo hoo! I don’t have to do stats this semester”, etc, etc…

But what happens when I need to do 200 level stats without even studying 100 level stats.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

And in order to avoid thinking about it while I spend this semester out of my brain with stress about something I cannot control, I think I’ll do personality, or sensation and perception…

3 thoughts on “Four words”

  1. The ways of the University are not for us mere mortals to understand!! Stats, damn stats and statistics!!
    And thank you for the paper dolls I love the eye rolling head for Dame Maggie!!


  2. I seem to recall that there’s someone at your house who will come in pretty handy with any mathsy subjects, so I wouldn’t be too worried about what will happen when it’s time for 200 level stats.


  3. Hi Lara

    About 200 years ago I did 100 level stats at club Mac. A semester of lectures and tutes got me nowhere at all but then I found they had a thing called statpac which was a manual with worked examples and some cassette tapes (yup, I’m that old). I think it was written by one of the lecturers, somebody crockett maybe? Anyway it took probably 3 evenings to listen and work through the pack start to finish but it was the content of the whole semester all in one and it totally made sense for the first time. Sat the exam and got an hd , nearly died of shock! maybe hunt around and see if such a thing has survived the years, maybe found itself a cd or mps version? It would totally work as a bridging course to jump into 200 level.


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