That was about as much fun as stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork. And I am not done yet.

The subjects I have chosen all have prerequisites, which I will be exempted from because of previous studies, but that credit wont be applied until
Some time over the weekend. Once that is done, I should be able to apply online on Monday or Tuesday.

Then I can buy textbooks, and start the serious business of study. Finally!

Enrollment day

Tomorrow is enrolment day at Macquarie. I am all kinds of conflicted about the decision, but for now, I am going to stick with Macquarie. If it all goes pear shaped, I am pretty sure UNE would take me back, and give me credit for anything I achieve at Macquarie, so it’s a pretty low risk experiment.

That said, it’s a lot of hassle to avoid being away from my kid for one three day residential school. Now the wheels are in motion, and I am going to make the best of things, and try to be excited about my first ever experience as an on campus university student. At 42 years of age, I’ll be finding out what I missed out on by having my *head up my own arse at 18 years old.

*Disclaimer – while I think that most 18 year olds have their head up their own arses, I think there are exceptions, and some of them even pass first year. I also think it is fair to note that in the intervening years my head has not been entirely, or permanently removed from its place of lodging.

Wish me luck!

Blog chaos


A pic from Tuesdays Auburn Breastfeeding mums ABA group – our room was double booked, so we squeezed 21 people into a tiny room! Lots of happy mums and babies, it’s such a joy to be part of this lovely group.

Apparently some one/thing has hacked into my blog again. I find this painful because the blog is my touchstone for where I was, what I was doing, and for reaching out and connecting. Life wouldn’t fall apart without the sparkly pink background gif and assorted blatherings, but it would be less fun.

And I find it very strange that anyone would bother trying to tear me down. I don’t get thousands of hits a week, or run a business, or do anything interesting here (unless you think talking about gin, dead babies and university bureaucracy is fun), so I can’t see what possible purpose there is in attacking it.

Mark seems to have fixed it now, bless him, and I hope the attacks stop. But I can see a new host in our future. Any recommendations internet peeps?

In real life today, I went to my support group, then had lunch with some lovely friends. So lovely in fact that I think all three of us ended up in tears more than once, and though it was wrenching and painful and hard, it was also uplifting and nurturing.

Then Squish had his first piano lesson, which he loved, and we’re looking forward to going back next week.

The tiredness is starting to get to me. I’m (apparently) still pregnant, and the first trimester tiredness is kicking my butt. The nausea rears it’s head every now and then, but it’s the tiredness that is really kicking me around. Driving to Lilyfield and back, and sitting on my butt all day has really taken it out of me.

So on that note, goodnight, and I will see the world tomorrow at about midday, when I finally get out of bed. Mark has this week off, so he is taking Squish to singing playgroup, and I get to have a massive lie in. And I don’t feel guilty at all much.

Making it better

Project-L Song can be purchased on iTunes – I did!

It absolutely flabbergasts me that someone like Magda STILL has to think seriously about coming out. She is a massive star, loved by all Australians, and yet she waited till 2012 to publicly talk about her sexual orientation.

Just for a minute, think about having to make that decision, think about having to decide, worrying about how you would be perceived, whether you would every get the same job offers, the same party invitations.

Think about what it means to be so vulnerable to the whims of public opinion. I was born in the 70’s, when David Bowie wore make up, and Elton John and Liberace were “flamboyant”, but no-one was ever openly gay.

Then in the ’90s, AIDS came along, and the hatred and fear was out in the open. In the last decade, the heteros started going to mardi gras, and it was cool to have a gay boyfriend (if you were a girl!).

We’ve come a long way, but obviously, watching Magda tonight, not far enough.

There is no point talking about being “almost equal”, Australia needs full legal equality, so that our kids don’t have to deal with this crap.

It’s great to say “it gets better”, but it’s far better to fight to make it better. Today.

Marriage inequality is the last remaining barrier to legally entrenched discrimination.

I wouldn’t be happy with a civil union.

Would you?

Happy Valentines Day. I love youse all.

Primary colours

OK teaming up with Sesame Street to sing about primary colours.

Inigo and I just got out the food colouring and made orange, green and purple. Which makes me a feel a little bit better about putting on a movie at 7am so I could get some more sleep. Mark is working, and this pregnancy lark is making me so freaking tired! Inigo normally only gets tele once a week, when the whole family watches a movie together, and whenever his grandparents let him – this is not a regular occurrence!

Results within the right range. Mostly.

My HCG is perfectly where it should be for dates. Blood sugar and liver enzymes were a little high, and iron a little low. So no more gin (I’ve been off the turps for a while anyway), no more coffee with chocolate in the morning, and no more carbs, or at least a only a minimal amount of carbs. And back on the iron supplements.

I have a referral to see Roshni, and apparently I have to see her within 3 weeks for more tests. I was too tired to ask why.