Results within the right range. Mostly.

My HCG is perfectly where it should be for dates. Blood sugar and liver enzymes were a little high, and iron a little low. So no more gin (I’ve been off the turps for a while anyway), no more coffee with chocolate in the morning, and no more carbs, or at least a only a minimal amount of carbs. And back on the iron supplements.

I have a referral to see Roshni, and apparently I have to see her within 3 weeks for more tests. I was too tired to ask why.

4 thoughts on “Results within the right range. Mostly.”

  1. Ive not commented before now, somehow I missed the announcement but just wanted to say, what a relief… I cant imagine how hard this must be…. Take care of yourself and WHOOOOOO! Will be thinking of you lots xxx


  2. Have been thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed all goes well for you. It was lovely to see you at Janes meet last week too xx


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