Primary colours

OK teaming up with Sesame Street to sing about primary colours.

Inigo and I just got out the food colouring and made orange, green and purple. Which makes me a feel a little bit better about putting on a movie at 7am so I could get some more sleep. Mark is working, and this pregnancy lark is making me so freaking tired! Inigo normally only gets tele once a week, when the whole family watches a movie together, and whenever his grandparents let him – this is not a regular occurrence!

3 thoughts on “Primary colours”

  1. Yay for getting (Basic/subtractive) primary colours right (for mixing paint). Funny how most Americans think Green with red and blue are the primary colours.

    Which they is… if your talking additive primary colours…

    perhaps I should stop now… before I get onto Magenta and Cyan 😉


  2. Um, I probably shouldn’t tell you this because you
    might have been under the misapprehension that I was a kick ass parent, but I put abc kids on for Joey every weekday morning during my first trimester. Gulp.


  3. So the point of that confession was – enjoy your lie in! As much as you possibly can if your feeling sick. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive and hopefully if it makes you feel semi human later on you can do more fun stuff with him later on


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