Squish came with me to get my blood test this morning. It hurt like hell. I had blood tests up the waazoo in 2010, and got quite accustomed to it. This one gave me a cold sweat, and I was taken right back to those days at the hospital when they were trying to figure out what drugs the bug in my blood would respond to.

I’ll get the results on Friday morning, and if they are within what is expected for dates, I’ll get a referral to see Roshni.

I went to the “Pregnant and Paranoid” group at SIDS & Kids today. It’s always wrenching and exhausting going to groups, but it’s also very normalising, and reassuring.

My request for recognition of prior studies came through today, Macquarie are willing to grant me 20 credit points for my 48. Which is almost fair – my 48 cover 7 whole 100 level units, and at Macquarie, 100 level units are worth 3 credit points. Why I didn’t get the extra 1 point, I don’t know, but I am disinclined to ask, considering the run around I had to go through last time I asked a question. Perhaps I can deal with it later. Perhaps I can fight it if I have any fight left in me later…

And the Squish. Has a 38 degree fever and a headache. Currently in flannel pyjamas, watching “Annie”, and eating weetbix for dinner. Poor baby.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Those vaccinations can sure knock kids around!

    Hope everything comes back normal on Friday.

    Good news from the Uni; I think I would also be disinclined to ask!


  2. Hope I is feeling better today! Poor kiddo – immunizations are not fun at all!

    Hope the blood test for you came back with a good result.

    Thoughts and hugs x


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