The short version

I am ok.

It was horrible.

There was a huge gush of blood and I thought I was going to die. Nobody warned me about blood.

I didn’t die.

It took five hours of waiting before I had surgery.

Everyone was really nice.

The operating theatre looked exactly like the one where I had Archie and Aubrey.

The recovery bed where I woke up afterwards was EXACTLY the same as where I was after having the twins.

I lost it, and cried and cried and cried.

I felt much better after three doses of painkillers.

I got home at 8pm, and hugged my beautiful Inigo, thanked Andrew and my parents for looking after him, ate wonderful food prepared by Bonnie and Zenia, and went to sleep.

This morning Mark took Inigo out, and I thought I would start my essay (due monday week), but instead I enjoyed my day and did some reading.

Had a nice dinner and a glass of something tasty, and life is looking much more reasonable tonight.

9 thoughts on “The short version”

  1. I haven’t been commenting on anyone’s blog lately, for various reasons but I have been reading and I have been thinking of you often.
    The biggest of hugs and so much love for you.


  2. Oh Lara. I wish I could come and give you a big cuddle and just sit with you. I am in QLD… will not be home for a week… much much love. I am sorry it was traumatic for you! I wish it was easier… simpler… but miscarriage never is… 😦 love to you


  3. That sounds so tough. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I have 2 weeks off, when you have the essay under control let me know, I will come over & we can distract each other for a while with crafty nerdy stuff.


  4. Thinking of you.
    Have NO idea what to say regarding what you just went through.

    The folks commenting heart-fully above are clear evidence of the love that you inspire and that surrounds and supports you.
    Which is pretty damn cool.
    Hugs and healing to you.


  5. We were away last week, but I was thinking of you on the day. I’m sorry it sucked (though I guess it was inevitable), and I’m glad it’s over and that you’re doing okay.


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