Victorian Lace Today

Thanks to Sally, I now have my very own copy of Victorian Lace Today. And as soon as I can finish the tattoo for TBA, I’m casting on for something slinky and drapey, and yummy, just for ME.

I have promised mum another shawl from this book, but I think the next one is for me. I bought the yarn at R+L’s, it’s a viscose and Baumwolle blend. David translated Baumwolle to mean “tree wool” – we later found another translation of “cotton”, but I’m sticking with tree wool.

The colour is a rich and deep plummy eggplanty burgundy sort of purply shininess. It deserves pictures, but it’s nearly 11.30pm, and rather wet out. I’ll put in a concerted effort on the tattoo, and shiny yarn will get its day in the sun. It isn’t seasilk, but I have great hopes. There is a shade card here, but the colour is far to dark, totally wrong – though you do get some idea of the shiny and slinky…

And here is the stitch pattern I waited for a year to find. Thanks Celia! I have swatched extensively, and am looking for the perfect increase (the KFB leaves a little coloured ladder, and isn’t ideal for what I have in mind).

Post Script – I think the colour is number 45 on the shade card, but I forgot to mention that because the shade card is too dark.

4 thoughts on “Victorian Lace Today”

  1. I asked my David what Baumwolle means and he immediately said “cotton” (he’s a German speaker – lived and worked there for a while). Then he said it literally translates as “tree wool”. I think you’re right – I prefer that. Sounds rather exotic and out of the ordinary.


  2. I like to increase by knitting into the stitch below, then work the stitch on the needle. It gives an increase which is almost invisible and leans ever so slightly to the right. If you want a mirror image that leans slightly to the left, knit the stitch on the needle then pick up and knit the left-hand loop of the stitch *two rows down* below the stitch you just knitted.


  3. OK, I’m lost. And it’s my fault, really, as my head is doing that stuffed with baumwolle wool thing again today.

    I can’t work out which stitch pattern on the page linked to is the one you waited a year to find. Nice website, though — definitely one for me to bookmark. šŸ™‚

    At least Firefox has decided to let me look at your blog’s main page today — something it has been steadfastly refusing to do since I made the mistake of installing the latest update over the weekend. Usually it’s just the Microsoft updates that stuff up my PC… *sigh*


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