More info on Peace Silk

From The Abolitionist Online. Now if only I could find a local supplier. You listening Kris?

And in todays “News From The Frontline” of medical technology sales, we have some progress. On the last day of the second week I have worked for this company, I actually got to see one of the machines we sell in action. Not with an actual patient – the boss had to whip his shirt off and slap on some electrodes – but I did see the machine that goes ping, actually going ping. PING. A lot. And printing reports. Eeeeeeeeeee!

I actually got out of the office for the first time. And I got to spend a few hours talking to the boss. I got some work to do for next week, and I learned something. I didn’t actually leave work till nearly 8pm, but them’s the breaks. Still haven’t been paid. Might get paid tomorrow, if the accounts person decides that all the paperwork is in order. If I don’t get paid, I might just throw a hissy fit. I have now provided three rounds of paperwork, each of which have been required as the “last step” to actually having money transferred into my bank account. And each time, another excuse, another bit of paper, or information, or fact checking required. Could this be a deliberate ploy to make me take a sharp knife to the paintwork on someone’s SUV? I can’t stamp my little broken foot and be taken seriously…

Tomorrow, I am taking the lovely Christophe for his birthday adventure to Rubi + Lana’s (no link because their website is so crap), and will hopefully get some housework done so that we can enjoy Tony & Kate’s housewarming party in the Blue Mountains without guilt. Life is good, but I may need to take speed to keep up with everything.

And huge thank you to mum and dad for taking Spongebob the iMac to hospital today – picked up and delivered home with a new pacemaker, all in the one day!

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