Dunny Roll, Fresh Hay, and Spinning…

Today, I spent far too much time discussing different grades of toilet paper. Wanna know about embossing and perforations? Don’t ask – I’ll tell you.

Mark informed me that the small and furry people with long ears are out of hay. Which is a problem, considering that hay is their principle diet, and that the little rotters can eat their own volume several times over, each and every day, but I managed to get to Carlingford Produce after they officially closed, but before they went home.

The hay is gorgeous! Fresh smelling, and bright green in colour. I think it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a bale of hay ($27.50), but it is possibly the best hay I’ve ever seen – definitely the best since the drought got bad.

Tonight, after the creatures had their dinner, I plucked some more fur and mats out of Miss Blueberry. She was not amused, but she got craisins (bunny crack), and I now have a much larger sample of fuzz for our spinning day on saturday the 10th.

Sally – I may have to rescind my offer of a lift to SSK, unless you want to come to the spinning day too ? We’re meeting in a park to spin and bitch, all welcome – comment if you want me to send you the details.

Picture is of a Lorikeet that came to visit at Tony and Kates after the party last weekend. It’s a bit blurry, but it is true to the state of my mind that morning!

5 thoughts on “Dunny Roll, Fresh Hay, and Spinning…”

  1. I’ve got a Guild AGM to go to then I was hoping to do SSK and apparently I have to work at the same time? Yeah, tell me about the spinning day and I’ll get my clone to come along. (hope it doesn’t rain on you)


  2. Wow, I live literally around the corner and didn’t even know this place existed!! I’ve had heaps of deep but not so meaningful conversations about toilet paper too. I was once too overwhelmed during comparisons to make a choice!


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