Weight Loss

Catalyst, ABC TV, 8.00PM 22/02/2007

A weight loss pill, based on the Human Growth Hormone, was tested on a group of rats. The control group were fed a vegetarian diet.

Yup – the “control” or “normal” group, were fed a vegetarian diet. That seems to have been a fatal mistake for the drug companies.

Read this. Apparently, the drug is no longer being investigated for weight loss, as the test group did “failed to show a significant increase in weight loss when compared to the placebo group”.

This fails to explain why I am such a lardy of course. I blame the beer.

One thought on “Weight Loss”

  1. Oh don’t get me started on the weight loss industry! You know how you feel about Dr Harry and rabbits – that’s how I feel about friggin’ “experts” and obesity. It’s about overall fitness not bloody weight. An active fat person will live longer than an inactive slim person. END OF STORY. Rant over, sorry.


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