Months ago, we found out that although the Squish has pretty good hearing, he had a blockage in his right ear. So a retest was planned to see if the blockage would clear on it’s own.

That test was on Tuesday, post 5 days of anti biotics for, yes, another ear infection. He’s not had one since September, so this is bad timing. And guess what? He now has a blockage in both ears.

So we’re off to the paed again today.

**Updated to add – we have seen the paed, she isn’t too stressed about the blockages, we’ll do the ear test again in three months, and reassess after that. Apparently his gross motor skills are at the low end of normal, but everything else is clocking along well. Apart from his big head, which has slowed it’s growth rate. Again, more investigations in three months will determine if we need to do anything further.


I’ve been on Freecycle for a few weeks now, and got some cool stuff. Last night, I got home from the Opera (thanks Bev!)to see an email listing three Chinese Silkie Hens, looking for a home.

Since our flock is now reduced to two approximately eight year old girls, we’ve been thinking of getting a few more, and this looked like a good way to get some fabulous chooks and a good match for our family. So I emailed the woman making the offer, and told her a bit about us, and that the girls would have a forever home with us, whether they were laying or not.

Usually, there is quite a bit of competition for freecycle items, especially things that have a high value, like purebred chooks. Anyway, I got an email this morning, the chook lady decided that we were offering the best home, so Inigo and I went to pick them up this afternoon.

So please welcome Lois O’Donohue, Robyn Nevin, and Meryl Tankard. Their previous people named them, and I think we’d better keep the names 🙂

His father is very proud

Inigo just pointed to a shape, and quite clearly said “parallelogram”.

Those of you that know Mark well will know that he has taken a personal mission to stop teaching young children that a parallelogram is a “diamond”. He has even gone so far as to take the letraset machine to some of Inigo’s baby books. And I can’t really talk, because I have re-labeled baby bottles from “milk” to “artificial baby milk”.


Late Thursday afternoon I got the email I’ve been waiting for – I have been accepted as a volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I spoke to the roster co-ordinator last night, and have been assigned my first helpline shift (2nd Friday of the month, starting in April). And this morning I logged in successfully – and logged out again quickly before I had to take a call. There is not enough caffeine in the world to make that first call easy.

So wish me luck, between now and the 9th of April I have to take lots of calls to get myself ready and comfortable enough to tackle an entire 4 hour shift on my own.

There is other (huge) news around the corner too, but I don’t want to say anything until it has been confirmed and I have more information. But needless to say, there are exciting times ahead!