I’ve been on Freecycle for a few weeks now, and got some cool stuff. Last night, I got home from the Opera (thanks Bev!)to see an email listing three Chinese Silkie Hens, looking for a home.

Since our flock is now reduced to two approximately eight year old girls, we’ve been thinking of getting a few more, and this looked like a good way to get some fabulous chooks and a good match for our family. So I emailed the woman making the offer, and told her a bit about us, and that the girls would have a forever home with us, whether they were laying or not.

Usually, there is quite a bit of competition for freecycle items, especially things that have a high value, like purebred chooks. Anyway, I got an email this morning, the chook lady decided that we were offering the best home, so Inigo and I went to pick them up this afternoon.

So please welcome Lois O’Donohue, Robyn Nevin, and Meryl Tankard. Their previous people named them, and I think we’d better keep the names 🙂

4 thoughts on “Chickens!”

  1. a match made in heaven I would say – do you have pics of Lois,Meryl and Robyn yet ?
    I love Chinese Silkies. I could watch them for hours.


  2. very cool – i’d love to have some chooks, but at the moment we arent’ really sure where we will live when our current lease is up. Pierre may end up having an extended vacation at my parents until we get things sorted…

    i’d love to see pics of your new divas when you get a chance 🙂


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