Iggy said, “Make a hat for me, mama”

And the ringlets bounce as he runs up and down the hall. We nearly died from the cuteness.

Now, instead of going to the AGM, I’m off to ride a steam train with Iggy and his best mate.

3 thoughts on “Iggy said, “Make a hat for me, mama””

  1. My dear Lara, this hat seems to be a simple knit, but do you have a pattern for this? Because a friend of mine is expecting a baby and this seems like THE PERFECT GIFT for her and the little boy! actualy, I just donĀ“t have a idea how big I should make it.

    I hope you are well!
    lovely greetings from a bit snowy bavaria


    1. Sorry gorgeous – no pattern. It was a matter of measuring his head and then doing a calculation based on the yarn recommendation. I basically just knit it flat and sewed up the side seams, very simple…

      I think you can do a search for kids head sizes by age?

      Good luck!


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