Months ago, we found out that although the Squish has pretty good hearing, he had a blockage in his right ear. So a retest was planned to see if the blockage would clear on it’s own.

That test was on Tuesday, post 5 days of anti biotics for, yes, another ear infection. He’s not had one since September, so this is bad timing. And guess what? He now has a blockage in both ears.

So we’re off to the paed again today.

**Updated to add – we have seen the paed, she isn’t too stressed about the blockages, we’ll do the ear test again in three months, and reassess after that. Apparently his gross motor skills are at the low end of normal, but everything else is clocking along well. Apart from his big head, which has slowed it’s growth rate. Again, more investigations in three months will determine if we need to do anything further.

3 thoughts on “Ears”

  1. Poor boy. Keep an eye on him, especially if (when) you send him out into the world to be educated. I had to remind DD’s kindergarten teacher (who was also my colleague) that DD was not ignoring her – that she often could not hear because of ear infections.

    The way to deal with her was to go to her, wait till I had her attention, then talk to her. Yelling from another part of the house was totally ineffectual! In the same way, giving instructions to the class in general did not guarantee that DD had heard. Her slowness to start an activity was not naughtiness but often due to having to watch others to find out what she was supposed to be doing!

    The good news is that she now has normal hearing (one hearing test showed 45% loss in one ear and 65% in the other). We did have a lot of people praying for her too (although you probably don’t want to know that).


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