Swallowtail Progress

I’m halfway through the 13th repeat of chart two, which means that I’ll be starting chart three (the complicated bit – I think there are nupps in there somewhere) in the next 24-48 hours. The colour is nothing like this picture, but I only had time for a quick post.

My new lappy has Photobooth software, which allows me to use the built in iSight camera to take a quick snapshot, and then email the image with one click. Since the adorable husband set up blogging by email, I can now do a photo post in a few seconds, using two applications (Photobooth and Mail) instead of having to get out the camera, download the images, resize and export images in iPhoto, upload via FTP using CyberDuck, and then posting (in html) via Safari.

I love technology 😉


And in super excellent wonderful news, I was given a summary of commission earned over the last few months yesterday – and it’s almost enough to pay for my new lappy ! Happy happy, joy joy !!!!

This, of course, means that I’ll be able to get a new iPod if and when one comes out with an enticing enough feature set to appease my gadget jones.

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