Le Stuff!

After almost a year of promising to go, I finally made it to the S’nB at Rubi & Lana’s (website coming soon?) in Gordon. It’s a lovely shop, with all the yarn arranged by colour, and a huge wooden table in the middle. It’s not a large shop, but it is a cosy and delightful spot to gather, and I know I’ll be going back whenever I can.

I finally got to meet Celia, whose blog I’ve been reading for ages, and Pamela, who was also one of the first people to show an interest in a northside group all those months ago. Lovely people, and very welcoming. 🙂

And since I haven’t been in a yarn shop in AGES (simply ages darling), I had to buy some accoutrements. My first ever set of proper stitch markers in green and purple, some large locking stitch markers (because the sensibly sized ones were in ugly colours), and my very first Chibi.

Joy !

The pencil case is labelled Le Stuff, because accoutrements has waaay too many letters.


2 thoughts on “Le Stuff!”

  1. Just quickly, I got the shawl out of the knitting bad last night. I needed to fudge the third row of the lace border to make it work. I’ll let you know if it keeps working…


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