P.S. The Secret World of Knitters

I won’t “out” anyone, but a few months ago I came across a knitter in one of my other social worlds. Not too unusual, except that this knitter belongs to a subset of a subset of knitters that I am in contact with, and there is only about ten of us. I hadn’t met her in real life until this day, so it was funny to meet her “out of context” so to speak.

And then yesterday I sold an iPod to another knitter, who is also one of the Rubi + Lana crowd.

It’s a small world, even smaller when you wear your pointy sticks out and proud.

And P.P.S. On the train the other week, I was knitting my little moss stitch squares for Hamish to use as facewashers, and a woman got on my carriage with a sock on tiny double pointed needles. Nothing too complicated, but it made my knitting look very pedestrian and remedial. I secretly hoped that I would see her again while I was working on my lace project. Yes, I know it’s not a competitive sport, but I can’t help myself. And Emma, you’re still beating me.

One thought on “P.S. The Secret World of Knitters”

  1. Knitting is like reading, you rellay shouldn’t push it before they’re ready. But some are ready for the basics at 3 and others at 8 or 9! I think the important thing is to be ready to teach them when they are ready to learn. To help them dip their toe in and to see what they do with it. If you start early, it’s definitely best to have an expectation that they will have a much longer learning curve than a child learning in late elementary or middle school. It’s all about setting expectations and being willing to work with the child at the pace that they can handle without getting frustrated and turned off completely.But I would definitely give the child the opportunity of learning early, if they seem up to it.My two cents.


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