Mark to the rescue

I wonder what sort of uniform the nerd superhero wears?

There is still a few glitches (can’t leave blog comments), but I have my calendar back, and I have all my blog feeds! Normality is resuming, and I adore my husband. Not just for his good looks!

And tonight is results night. Pizza and red wine are on the menu, my friend Dionne is coming from Newcastle with her kids, and we are going to cover the kitchen in flour and dough while we wait for those crucial text messages. Dionne was in my environmental peace unit, so we are supporting each other.

And tomorrow I am teaching small children to knit. Give me strength!

And here is a picture of a small boy playing an orange ukelele.

3 thoughts on “Mark to the rescue”

  1. What sort of uniform does the nerd superhero wear… Around here it’s trackydaks, a mismatching polarfleece and a 2B pencil in the pocket. My desktop computer is in pieces on the dining table awaiting a new motherboard. When it gets one of those, it will also have a 2TB hard drive (upgraded from the 500GB one it had).


  2. Pizza flour dough mess is over rated AND home made pizza dough is under rated. As for celebrating ‘awesomeness’ with a very special friend…….there are actually no words to express the love and appreciation for sharing success and beautiful kids together. You truely are a ray or two of sunshine and if Squish and Muffin end up getting married, we will get pickled in gin and all will be well in the world.


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