Dear Google

Please stop messing with my head. I have been trying to stay relatively stable for a while now, but deleting all of my data from my accounts (or just hiding it from me and giving me incomprehensible instructions for “fixing” it) is depleting my will to exist.

All I want is to look at my (insert expletive) calendar, and know where the (insert expletive) I am supposed to be for the rest of the week, and when I am supposed to be there. I’d also like some certainty around next week too. And I am pretty sure Squishy has a dentists appointment at the end of the month. Actually, is it too much to ask if I can have all of my data back? Please?

The only way I have been able to function since I got out of hospital and started to be able to look after myself again was to stay scheduled up to the eyeballs. Take my schedule away, and I am just a quivering mass.

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