Assignment DONE

I just submitted my Environmental Peace assignment. It was worth 60% of my mark for the unit. No pressure.

My darling friend Dionne read it and gave some great feedback, and I submitted it 40 minutes shy of a whole week late. I did get an extension, so I hope that won’t matter, and whatever the outcome, I am so incredibly relieved to have it over and done with, that at this point I am a bit beyond caring about results.

Tomorrow my focus is going to be on my dear family friend who is having surgery to remove her brain tumour, and after that I need to jam in as much study as I can into the next week. I have an open book quiz to do in the next few days, and then my final psych exam on the 15th.

And after the 15th, I am free as a bird. Until next semester starts…

2 thoughts on “Assignment DONE”

  1. Take a few deep breaths now and a whole lot more after the 15th!

    Congrats on getting it done.

    Best wishes to your friend who is undergoing surgery.


  2. Kudos! The semester went by quickly – and it sounds as though you did quite well!
    Belated thanks for the comment on my blog. I brought your compliment to Sally’s attention and she left a note you might also appreciate!


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