No study today

A dear friends mum had surgery to remove a brain tumour today. And when I asked him if he needed someone to be with him, he didn’t say, “no, I’ll be fine”. So I spent the day at the hospital with him and his sister while they waited for the call to tell them that she was ok. The anticipated wait time was 2-3 hours, but it was four hours before the phone rang, and nearly another two before they could go in and see her.

They got 95% of the tumour, but it was malignant, and aggressive. Next up radiation therapy, and possibly chemo.

On the way home from the hospital I learned that one of my uncles has melanoma, and it has spread to one of his lymph nodes.

Please, no more bad news for just a little while…

And here is a picture of a small boy having a massage in a tropical paradise.

4 thoughts on “No study today”

  1. It does seem to “pour”…and pour a lot sometimes.
    Sometimes what seems terrible and hopeless…doesn’t turn out quite as we expected.
    My Brother-in-Law in on his 3rd brain tumor. Had 2 removed. He’s not as healthy as he once was, but he had the first tumor out about 20 years ago. I’m beginning to seriously suspect he’ll outlive us all.
    He’s a good man and I’m very glad he’s still making this journey with us.
    You never know what will happen.
    Wishing peace, healing, and support to a variety of good folks in Australia.


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