A Tribute

Duke & Desiah left us recently, and I offered to put up a tribute page so that their mum, Erin, had somewhere on the web to memorialise her babies.

So here you go Erin, I hope you like it.

Love, Lara

PS. In Lara news, I managed to do this while rocking the baby in the pram with one foot. If I get good at that, I might be able to catch up on email, and blogs soon – and maybe even put up a progress post about us. In the meantime, we visited the baby health centre today, Inigo is 3.36kg – which means he has put on 280 grams in one week. Three weeks old today!

2 thoughts on “A Tribute”

  1. They were as lovely as you.
    Hope you are well and otherwise happy despite your loss.
    Ask Lara for my email if you wish to catch up and send my love to your mum.



  2. 280gms/wk is fab, you must have got the hang of BF 🙂

    Well done on the multi-tasking. I was thinking of tweaking dragon or similar, so I could tell my computer what to do but voice commands never seem to work really well, so i might be stuck with a one handed slow typing job.


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