More pics of Inigo

I (Mark) need new photos to show work colleagues. Yes, I’m back at work, and feel very guilty leaving Lara to look after the little guy all by herself. He’s not a lot of fun when he’s fractious – but at least he’s very cute most of the time.

The Other Andrew dropped round to take some photos last weekend. There’s a few pics on his blog, and a couple more here.

Inigo at 17 days

Inigo at 17 days

3 thoughts on “More pics of Inigo”

  1. He’s so cute, keep the pics coming.

    BTW Mark that guilt thing, it never goes. No matter what you do you always feel like you could/should be doing more. You learn to deal with it and just enjoy every moment you get with the little fellow. Even if he is screaming his lungs out, puking all over the place etc at least he is with his mum/dad doing so.

    Our DS#1 turned 11 today. It’s amazing how quickly the time goes.


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