Another Adventure

We’re all fine, but we took a trip to Casualty at Westmead Children’s Hospital today, as we couldn’t find a medical center that was open, and we thought we’d better get the boy looked at.

At hospital, they told us to clean his umbilical cord stump daily, and to see a doctor if it looked weepy, or started to smell. With all the excitement, we forgot to clean it on friday, and by saturday it didn’t look as good as it had. Today it looked even worse, and had started to smell.

Apparently, it’s all good. We’ve been given saline to clean it, but with his breathing issues, his little body has been concentrating on healing his lungs, rather than healing the belly button. We can expect that his cord will take up to an extra week to drop off than a “normal” baby.

On the upside, we now have a medical records number at Westmead, we know how to get there, and we know we can get the kid to hospital within 15 minutes of noticing something awry. And apparently, they aren’t going to report us to DOCS for child neglect. Yet…

And last night, we got 2 periods of sleep that lasted for 3 hours or more. The kid is gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “Another Adventure”

  1. aah yes – it smells pretty bad normally apparently – we almost did a trip to the emergency centre for exactly the same reason…..
    good to hear that its all OK


  2. Lara and Mark and Inigo – I am sending much much love and support down the internet cable as I can.
    Did they say to you ‘new parents?’ at casualty. That used to piss me off so much the patronising pricks.

    I can’t believe that midwife said ‘overstimulation’ caused the baby to react negatively. That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.

    I didn’t put my newborns down unless they were already asleep for six months. I liked it that way, they liked it that way – nurses told me I was making a rod for my own back but they were wrong.

    Hoping to come for a visit in the early new year, will give you some time to settle in first.

    He’s a beautiful baby – no headsquash!


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