I Will Survive

Another night with not much sleep, Inigo likes to sleep for an hour after a night feed, then wake 2-3 times in the next hour, then refuse to sleep for the third hour unless one of us is holding him. We have taken it in turns to do the settling after a feed, so we are both getting some sleep.

This morning, the 7am feed was followed by a bath, so not enough sleep was had before the 11am feed. When he was still awake at 1pm after the 11am feed, Mark and I turned to disco music. The two of us sang him a duet of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, and he is out like a light.

What a great kid.

And in other news, Ella Grace Hodgkiss arrived last night just after 3am. No other details yet, but Bev & Ted will be here shortly to tell us all about our newest family member, and how her mum is doing.

3 thoughts on “I Will Survive”

  1. That sounds so familiar – he’s obviously making up for lost snuggle time. Try a bit of Aretha Franklin as well – R,E,S,P,E,C,T.


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