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Best friends?

Exciting as it was to get home, I was still aching for a taste of the outside world, so after a night of almost 4 hours between feeds, and at least 4 hours sleep, we decided to visit Richard, Miriam, and Oscar.

Still too tired to talk in complete sentences, but congratulations to Simone and Andrew, who settled on their new house today, happy birthday to Andrew, and please keep everything crossed for my sister in law Christine – who might be in labour as we speak. Another cousin for Inigo!

7 thoughts on “Adventures”

  1. What a stunning photo!

    I can’t wait to see you all at home so that I can have a proper cuddle. You WILL get to sleep again…. I promise. And in the meantime, you’ll adjust really quickly to broken nights and stolen naps.

    And 10 years down the track, I can truly say that it’s all worth it.



  2. Inigo is on the right, Oscar on the left. Inigo was eight days old, Oscar was 12 days old. They were a similar birthweight, but Oscar has been feeding since he was born, and has put on about 600 grams, while Inigo had only been eating for three days when this picture was taken. He had lost 10 grams from his birth weight when he left hospital – he may continue to lose a little more before he starts to gain again, just because he has been delayed a little.


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