Lace Progress

I did a crochet chain before I got to the pub – just so I could say I started without my security blanket (Emma).

And lo and behold, Emma was there, knitting her new lace project – the Swallowtail Shawl from the current issue of IK. And of course, she cast on yesterday, so she is way ahead of me.

This isn’t a bad thing, as she was able to warn me of the pitfalls I was likely to find in the pattern, hence I can learn from her mistakes. But there is this tiny little competitive part of me that wants to finish before she does.

And tonight, after doing a little spinning, I picked it up again while watching some crime shows, and completed the 4th repeat of the second chart. In one day I have mastered the provisional cast on (well – I did it twice), and I learned to read a chart.

Does that make me a real knitter now ?

Last week another knitter sat next to me on the train while I knit moss stitch square. She pulled out a sock, on tiny needles, and knit on that. It looked terribly complicated (self patterning yarn on 4 tiny needles in the round), and I felt like saying to the assembled spectators, “Hey – I can do that, and raise you cable”. But maturity got the better of me. Though now I must admit, I am rather hoping the same woman sits next to me tomorrow, so I can redeem my knitterly pride. 😉

One thought on “Lace Progress”

  1. Have you seen my attention span lately? I get bored and say “Oh shiny!” at another project approximately every 32 seconds.

    This week is a poor week to race me, as I’m not running 😉 On the other hand, I’m getting some new purple sock yarn real soon now, so I feel the need to finish the socks on my favourite sock needles.

    Oh, shiny! And I have some new Noro. What shawl was that?


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