Some Knitting…

I am slowly getting through the moss stitch squares for Hamish. They are lovely fabrics, beautiful to feel and hold, but deathly boring to knit. So Tomorrow I am going to cast on the Swallowtail Shawl from the latest Interweave Knits. It’s ages since I did any lace, and I am hanging out for something a little more challenging – and it’s about time I learned how to read a chart.

And of course, it won’t be in a tasteful and subdued colour, like in the magazine, nooo. It will be pink, bright and vibrant laceweight from Rubi & Lana’s – not quite pink enough to make your eyes bleed, but close.

The pattern calls for a provisional cast on, which I haven’t done before, so I hope Saint Emma will be at the pub.

And in non – knitting news….

Blueberry gets to stay for another week. It will break my heart, but next weekend she will be going to live with her new dad, and I’ll miss her terribly. She has mellowed so much in the few weeks she has been here, from a growling, grunting, bonsai piranha with fur, to the loveliest, cuddly little person that kisses me every morning – even when I don’t give her a treat.

And I was once again reminded why I don’t eat animals. I was driving through Eastwood today and saw a crow in the middle of a busy intersection guarding the squashed corpse of his mate. He was clearly distressed, and I believe that this behaviour proves that animals have emotional lives.

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