Amusements, Part 1

In order to set up the gag, you need some background information.

Justine posted a link a while ago to the 42 Below Vodka website. On the propaganda section of the site are a few quicktime movies – very funny, but not for the easily offended. Bloody good vodka BTW.

One of their ads features a couple of bored guys in an Indian call centre. Watch the clip here, and you’ll understand why I was haunted by the very catchy tune.

I showed the site to the guys at work, and my brother tracked down the song. It’s called Numa Numa, and was a big hit in Moldova, and has since done the rounds of the internet with various people lip synching to it. Check out the Wikipedia entry here.

PS. The song is actually called “Dragostea din Tei”, by O-Zone.

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