Court Appearance

I went to court again today – but by the time I got there, it was all over. Another adjournment, till the 24th of November for a plea.

Who knows what the plea will be, and what type of sentence he’ll get.

David King, the journo from The Australian, was there. He looked at me guiltily, and sped off. Hooray. I think I might be getting over it.

I still feel like the last year has been a test, and perhaps I am coming out the other side. Perhaps.

2 thoughts on “Court Appearance”

  1. Hey Lara,

    Just clicked this was you !! havent seen the new surname (which wouldn’t be new to you now).

    Ive been trying to find info on this case & I should have know you would be onto this barstard. you never let the bunnies down!!
    If we can help in anyway to put this sick, demented disgrace of a human being away for as long as possible let us know!

    Fran, Ron & the bunnies!


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