Same Sex Couples Recognised in Anti Terror Legislation

Gee – isn’t our paranoid right wing government progressive….

Media Release – Office of Senator Kerry Nettle

Same sex couples recognised in terror law

19 October 2005

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said today the government’s recognition of same-sex couples in its planned terror laws was a pleasing shift in policy.

Clauses in Schedule 4 of the Draft Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005 defining which family members could be contacted by someone in preventative detention include same-sex partners in the definition of family member.

“It is great to see the government recognising same sex relationships. But this is not the legislation for it. This bill is about removing the fundamental rights of all Australians and the Government is ensuring that they also remove the rights of same sex couples”, Senator Nettle said.

“If someone is detained for 14 days under the Government’s proposed terrorism legislation, the Government is ensuring that they can ring their same sex partner to tell them they are detained but not why or where they are.

“The government is making a mockery of the importance of recognising same sex relationships by placing this clause in terrorism legislation but not in marriage, adoption or tax law where recognising same sex relationships would require the government to provide entitlements.

“Why does the extent of the government’s support for same-sex couples end at allowing them to talk to a loved one if they are locked up for two weeks without charge?

The government is happy to legislate away the positive rights of same-sex couples but recognise them when locking up a gay or lesbian under the terror laws.”

“This new revelation further reinforces the unbalanced and dangerous thrust of the government’s terrorism policy.”

The controversial proposed terrorism laws include home detention for 12 months and detention by federal police for two weeks of people deemed to be a risk but not convicted of an offence.

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