How was your day?

So the cold from hell seems to be over. The fourth round of antibiotics seems to have done the trick, and I am now back to “normal” amounts of lung medication to keep me from brain death. After a week of regularly getting above 95% when I tested my oxygen perfusion, I decided it was finally time to go back to the sports medicine specialist to get the results of my MRI.

My iphone (4s) decided to refuse to turn on this morning, so after a comedy of errors I finally arrived 15 minutes late, and then had to wait a further half hour. Turns out, there are reasons for delayed appointments that aren’t to do with doctors being lazy.

So my MRI shows that I have another ruptured disk, the very bottom one in my spine. Because this disk bears all the weight of the spine, healing will take some time (it’s already been 10 months!), but it should come good with some physio and more rest.

But the MRI showed something else. A lipoma, a little collection of cells that in itself isn’t a problem, but the specialist wants me to see a neurologist to rule out “tethered spine syndrome”, which is a possible cause of my pain.

Hopefully my phone will restart, and the backup a week ago was recent enough that I haven’t lost much of importance (except the photos of our fab holiday in Russell with Richard and Miriam this weekend đŸ˜¦ ).

One thought on “How was your day?”

  1. Oh my, that sounds painful. I hope there’s a good way of treating this. I’m not sure you’re on the grape vine regarding me having treatment for breast cancer. It was a bit of a secret, I went to conference at Casula on the Saturday and had surgery the next Tuesday. People tell you bullshit so I was very cautious as it all went sooo fast. 3 weeks from diagnosis to surgery! Couldn’t resist going as it was so close to home. It’s irony at it’s best. I have 24 weeks of chemo and then start radiation. I’ve survived the first cycle, but need food, food cooked and hot!!! The Chinese and their ‘hot and cold’ food thing resonates with me, that’s for sure!! Get well soon. xxxx


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