A cruel twist

I had the follow up appointment with the infectious diseases specialist on Friday. I am clearly on the mend, and although still tired, I am able to start doing some light exercise. Like running around after a four and a half year old. I’ve lost 10kg, and am now down to the same weight I was at 10w pregnant with the twins. Another 40kg and I won’t be over weight any more!

The doctor asked if we were planning to have another child. I retorted that “planning” is a very strong word, but he remained serious.

Although I am no longer infectious to others, the virus is very dangerous to babies in utero, and can cause birth defects for a long time after primary infection. At six months post infection, the risk of serious birth defects is still 1%. So we have to wait until at least Christmas. At which point Inigo will be five, and I’ll be looking less like a mother and more like a freak of nature if I get pregnant at 43.

I’ve spent a few days crying, and I’m still not sure if I’m going to go out fighting, or just collapse whimpering in a corner. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I have an exam to study for, a recovery to manage, a cold/virus to battle, and the worlds best kid to wrangle and wrestle and smother with love.

And in Inigo news, he had his first swimming lesson as a sea dragon today, with a new teacher, and he was very nervous. He did amazingly well! Did a proper back float, and dove down to pick up a toy from the bottom of the pool – both for the first time. I love watching him expand his horizons, and fill with pride at his accomplishments!

8 thoughts on “A cruel twist”

  1. According to family lore, my granny was the youngest of 12 children & born when my great-grandmother was in her 40s. Apparently she was so embarrassed to be pregnant at “that age” that the family moved to a house outside of town so people wouldn’t see her in her condition.

    In other news, it’s no longer 1920! Medical science has advanced, and people have babies when they are older now! Besides, freaks of nature are cool & interesting 🙂


  2. You are one of the most beautiful freaks of nature I know. I’m grieving with you; this is a horrible declaration of suck over you. xoxo


  3. Wow, you’ve had such a bumpy ride, good stuff must be on it’s way soon. I’ll continue to pray for your health. Remember crazy people like myself who were born to a Mum who was 42. She lost two bubbas between my sister and myself so I feel/felt very very much wanted, and that is a good feeling. xxxx


  4. In three weeks I’ll be visited by my Mom, her husband, and my little brother Joey… who is 24 years younger than me. She had me at 18, and him at 42. It can happen. Don’t give up hope.


  5. I have a friend who carried a baby to term – when she was 50. Granted the egg was donated and the triplets that came along a few years later were carried by a surrogate.
    You’ve got a ways to go until 50.

    There are many options and life takes interesting turns – most often without our consent or input.
    Your “meantime” plan sounds solid and loving.
    Kudos and hang in there.


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