Babyloss mamas – researcher needs you

There is a national perinatal grief study being done at the moment, and the researcher needs about another 80-100 responses so that she can finish her research. Currently, the health professional handbook has only ONE paragraph about perinatal grief and loss, and that is woefully inadequate. If you are an Australian resident interested in helping to change the outcomes for women who suffer the loss of a baby in the future, and you are between 6months to 5 years from your loss, please consider filling in the survey.

3 thoughts on “Babyloss mamas – researcher needs you”

  1. even though the interest is only re those who have lost no more than 5 years ago.. need to put in a plug that some of us would like to go on record that ‘time does not heal ‘ and that some times you never ‘get over it’ (22 years and it is woven into my life) and yes. the are another 2 gorgeous boys …


    1. I’ll definitely mention that to the researcher Trudie. I’m pretty sure she knows it already, but the more proper research we can get about the subject the better. maybe in another 20 years time there will be enough funding that no parents slip through the cracks.

      We can dream 🙂


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