Piano Concert

We had less than ideal conditions for his first piano concert – it’s been four weeks since he’s had regular practice since all of us have been ill, and it was late in the day, with Inigo third last. By the time it was his turn he was jumping out of his skin, so it’s a little wonder he found it hard to concentrate.

But no matter what, I was so proud that he got up and said his name and announced his piece in front of every body – and he got it right, just as my phone ran out of storage, so I missed the end of his performance. But the applause was pretty good 🙂

6 thoughts on “Piano Concert”

  1. I admit, I got to see the encore performance (Sydney traffic sucketh Mightily!!!) but the little dude did himself proud!!! He is leaping ahead incredibly, and I love hearing his new pieces… more videos please!


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