Exam is over. Chest infection improving. Sore throat threatening, but I’ll pretend that isn’t happening.

I’ve applied for special consideration for my whole semester of work – hopefully my catalogue of pestilence is enough to melt the right hearts. And hell, even if I do only get a credit for this subject, I’ll know that I worked bloody hard for it, and there is no shame.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday party for a much loved baby that was still born. Saturday night we’re having dinner with some friends we haven’t seen in ages, and on Sunday we are meeting up with my aunt and taking Inigo to the Norman Lindsay gallery at Springwood where they are having an exhibition about the models. We’ll be able to see lots of pictures of Nanna, and even some rare pencil drawings that we haven’t seen before. It will be a wonderful opportunity for Inigo to connect with a bit of family history.

All activities that seem very normal and healthy – I’m actually a little surprised that I can go back to being a (relatively) normal person after the last 2 months. And the few months before that. And… Well, you get the picture.

Touch wood, no more catastrophes for a while, m’kay?

2 thoughts on “Relaxxxx…”

  1. Healing and semester special consideration sounds like a plan.
    (Touched wood on your behaf…too loudly…alarmed the cats.);-)

    The Norman Lindsay art looks beautiful…don’t suppose you could clarify on the relationship? Nanna = your aunt? Grandmother?
    And she was a model for Norman Lindsay (Wow!)?


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