More bike adventures – and other weekend stuff

Leapy looking perplexed by Costco – a reasonable response….

Demonstrating his newfound climbing prowess at the Spotlight playground

First Ride
Such a big grown up boy!

Making tea party friends at Parramatta Park

Borrowing Charlie’s new bike – and riding properly for the first time.

Today we had an impromptu Granville meet-up. Saw some old friends, and met a new one! One that works at UAC no less! Alas no promises of inside help, but it’s great to meet lovely people in Granville. I love that we have such a great community here.


Opera in the Park this year is the Pearl Fishers. Mum is taking the Squish (I thought he might be old enough this year, but Ted reminded me about the whole public transport in the middle of the night thing), so we’re going to be kid free for at least one more year.

Anyone care to join? I have been woking on picnic recipes 🙂

(Izzy, I’ve been dreaming of your little Polish mushroom jobbies!)

Ermentrude’s new friend

Mark took Inigo out for his first tandem bike ride today, most of the way to preschool. Hopefully, tomorrow will be dry enough that we can take all the bikes to the park so that we can go for a ride together 🙂

Thanks to mum for picking up the tool to install it, and getting Inigo a hat that actually fits his enormous head!


Just spoke to Chad from the admissions center, told him the whole story, burst into tears, and he was really helpful.

Hes going to look further into it, and get back to me on Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, Im going to change my preferences to put a BA into the mix. With an entry ATAR of 75, its much more likely that I will get in, and the switch from there.


We recently went to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes (verdict – good explosions, but the action and most of the plot were completely incomprehensible), and were shocked at how much it cost for the two of us to see a standard (not gold class/3d/vmax) movie.

So I thought it might be worth spreading the word about this deal – $8.60 movie tickets you can pre-purchase. The cost is $7.50 today, plus $1.10 when you book.

Link here.


No fracture, just a sprain, so that is two counts of feeling extremely silly chalked up in one day.

Thanks for every lovely comment, I have had a few cold hours in the hospital waiting room to process, and this isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to me – or anything near it. It just means that I will have to go to residential school this semester, and every semester until I do get in to a decent Sydney University.

I certainly don’t want to disrespect ACU, it’s just that I know a total of NOTHING about it, and I had my future fully mapped out at Macquarie. From the meagre research I have been able to do, if you want a psych degree that matters, you get one from Sydney, or New South, or Macquarie.

By all means, argue with me! I really don’t have any information except what I have been told by the lecturer I met on open day and a psych student that works at the gym.

But for now, I’ll buy my stats textbook for Armidale, and work on my attitude towards residential school. My parents have offered to come with me to help look after Squish while I am up there, which is an amazingly generous offer, or I may be healthy enough to be able to leave him for a few days by the time it rolls around. Either way, it isn’t the end of the world.

The feeling I am left with is frustration that everyone told me I would get in, and now I have no way of knowing why I didn’t. There is no special consideration for mature age students, and no appeals process. Just a flat NO.

And NO has never been a word I can accept lying down…

Just looked up the ATAR for the course I was offered, Vs. the course I had as my first preference.

MQ B. Psych (Hons) 94.5
ACU BA (Psych) 60.7

There is a massive difference there. Even the course I am currently doing is about 72.55. Need more information. But it doesn’t look like a great achievement to have been offered a place at ACU after my results from last year.

As if the waiting wasn’t bad enough….

I’ve been waiting till the 18th to find out if I’ll be offered a place at Macquarie Uni. Today, I checked on the website to find out if I would be emailed or if I needed to log in to the website to find out.


So the lunacy will continue for slightly longer…