We recently went to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes (verdict – good explosions, but the action and most of the plot were completely incomprehensible), and were shocked at how much it cost for the two of us to see a standard (not gold class/3d/vmax) movie.

So I thought it might be worth spreading the word about this deal – $8.60 movie tickets you can pre-purchase. The cost is $7.50 today, plus $1.10 when you book.

Link here.

2 thoughts on “Movies!”

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I rarely think a movie is worth paying for – the last time we went to the movies it was for the King’s Speech, the time before that we saw a Christmas Carol (Nov 2009) in 3D at the Imax! That was fabulous! We usually wait and hire the DVD if we particularly want to see it or, more often, wait till it gets to free-to-air TV!


  2. Tell me about it! We went to the movies today and because we weren’t organised enough to pre-purchase some movie vouchers from MBF, we paid full price. I love going to the movies. We went nearly every day of our holidays and Sherlock Holmes was one of them. In fact, I downloaded one of the books and am reading it too.


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