More bike adventures – and other weekend stuff

Leapy looking perplexed by Costco – a reasonable response….

Demonstrating his newfound climbing prowess at the Spotlight playground

First Ride
Such a big grown up boy!

Making tea party friends at Parramatta Park

Borrowing Charlie’s new bike – and riding properly for the first time.

Today we had an impromptu Granville meet-up. Saw some old friends, and met a new one! One that works at UAC no less! Alas no promises of inside help, but it’s great to meet lovely people in Granville. I love that we have such a great community here.

4 thoughts on “More bike adventures – and other weekend stuff”

  1. Spotlight has a playground? Wow, wish the ones around here did. I have to do a bit of talking, take a deep breath and hold two little arms tightly before going anywhere near a Spotlight. The two children always manage to break free and go rampaging through the shop, with me running behind and trying to clean up the devastation. I never get to browse, it’s in and out as fast as possible to limit the destruction. Just getting a spool of thread brings my heart rate to abnormally high levels…..actually, just thinking about going with the kids stresses me. Lol.


    1. The playground is outside (in the same center). Inigo is old enough now to understnad that if he lets mama have some peace in Spotlight, then he can rampage in the playground to his hearts content when I am done. This has meant being there way after closing time on more than one occasion, and making friends with the security guard 😉


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