iPhone 4s

I has it.

Siri is less awesome than you might think, but we may improve our relationship. And the fact that it took more than 24 hours to get it talking to our wireless lan (airport) was also less than stellar, but Mark has earned his lentil soup tonight!

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4s”

  1. I want updates on how useful it is – how much better (I have 3G) and in what ways.

    Give me infos!

    BTW, 66% is quite good, isnt it? Where are the cut-offs for this particular bit of writing?


  2. Gotta say Gurlfrend – I had a great laugh about some of the sureal responses we got when trying to identify that loquat (sp) tree in my back yard on Sunday – it was better than some of the auto corrects I have seen! phone is very lovely tho…


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