Inigo does maths


Today, for the first time in over a year, Inigo and I hung out at home. We did some cooking, some painting, some splashing about in the wading pool, and had an impromptu maths lesson. He now understands plus, and equals, and wrapped his head around the cuisinaire rods. He gets that each rod represents a number, and how to work out which one.

And I feel like a mothering legend because I only got cranky once, and we mostly had a very fun day.

3 thoughts on “Inigo does maths”

  1. You most absolutely ARE a mothering legend!! I canNOT help my kids with maths homework without AT LEAST exaggerated eye-rolling on my behalf. I have been known to use my “cranky voice” and to leave them in tears.

    Oh yeah… I rock 🙂


  2. Children like Inigo are just sponges!! You may like to find a ‘base ten’ set like they use at school as they’re very useful. xx


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