Granny Rug Progress

A few posts ago I mentioned my granny rug, and got some revelry tips on finding discontinued yarn.

Zephyrama came to my rescue, and very kindly sent 6 balls of the green that was almost impossible to find. She also sent a rocking handmade bag that is now my new favourite project bag.


And she asked for progress shots, so here goes 😉


4 thoughts on “Granny Rug Progress”

  1. Love the phot, although it doesn’t do your blanket justice – the choice of colours is far more spectacular in person (or should that be in blanket? I will ponder the semantics and grammatical impacts)please post pics of the joining technique too – “impressive!” (as Darth Vadar would say


  2. I too am looking for that Spotlight Moda Vera 8 ply in light green – 2 balls max. Any help you can give to track this down is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you !


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