And then, he stuck a bead in his ear…

This morning was the Lorien spring fair. I had volunteered to help out the playgroup people with the bread baking activity, and Inigo and Mark painted a t-shirt, made a candle, and did some beading.

Then, Inigo stuck a bead in his ear…

And seven hours later, we got home from the hospital, with the sparkly red bead safely in a specimen jar.


He was so super patient and awesome the the doctor at Westmead Children’s Hospital didn’t even need to give him nitrous while poking about in his head, and it was remarked that even much older kids had trouble keeping still. I pointed out to the doctor that he was the world’s most awesome kid, and thank you for noticing.

So instead of having friends over for a mah-jong night and drinking lads of red wine, we spent a million years in the hospital, feeling guilty for taking up time that could have been spent treating sick people.

But I have a lovely souvenir.

And the world’s best kid. Even if he occasionally sticks things in his ears. And it was shiny.

4 thoughts on “And then, he stuck a bead in his ear…”

  1. If Inigo needed treatment then he needed treatment! one son once stuck a squishy sultana down ear canal of his younger brother and I couldn’t get it out. Wen to local ER to be told that I would probably have to go to Camperdown Kids hospital which was still there then. They did not have child sized instruments! They managed after I complained about the time we had already been waiting. I certainly did not want to subject two young boys and a baby to the same sort of wait all over again.

    Also one put a screw up his nose. Fortunately flat head first so point of screw could be grasped with forceps.


  2. Ah, the old bead-in-the-ear party trick. Believe it or not, we have yest to experience that one, though we have endured the sprinkle-stuck-in-the-eye adventure.

    Is that the HunterHugo frequent flier chair he’s sitting in? đŸ˜‰

    BTW I just realised we’re booked for the next few Saturdays(Hunter and I are participating in the kids/parents choir for the Children’s Festival. Kids have to be at least 5, otherwise I’d be trying to drag Mark and Inigo along) but I’ll check what else we have happening so we can book you in for sconing and champagning.


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