Red Nose Day

After Archie and Aubrey were born, a grief counsellor from SIDS & Kids came to our house to talk to me. SInce then I’ve been seeing her on and off pretty regularly, and I credit Marybeth with a lot of the progress I have made. Without her, and SIDS & Kids, I hesitate to think where I would be now.

I used to think that all they did was fund medical research into SIDS, but of course they do much more than that. Since SIDS awareness campaigns have massively reduced SIDS deaths, now the bulk of their work is with bereaved families after the loss of a baby or child. They also offer counselling to women who have had miscarriages, and terminations.

While looking for ways I can help out (it’s Red Nose Day this Friday, buy a nose!), I found this website. Renault is donating a dollar (up to $15,000) for every person that uploads a pic to the red nose gallery. Visit, and upload your own pic – SIDS & Kids will earn a dollar, and you’ll get a silly photo.

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