Nothing doing

Enjoying uni holidays, spending some fun time with my favourite guys, and trying really, really hard to stop stressing about uni results.

And failing.

I’m turning myself inside out with checking my email 15 Brazilian times a day. My peace studies lecturer posted today that essay results would be available “very soon”, but I fear he is just messing with my head.

Concentrating a bit more on Inigo, and how he is coping is reaping rewards, with less meltdowns and more cuddles and giggles. The last 12 months has been really very difficult for my beautiful guy. As I begin to cope better with day to day life, I am giving more and more to him. I hate that as well as losing his brothers, he also lost his mama for so long. Yesterday, he mentioned my friend that is no longer in our lives (by her choice). She made Inigo a wall hanging for Inigo’s first birthday, and he has lost some pieces off it. Yesterday he asked me if she didn’t want to see us because she was angry at him.

Breaks my heart.

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