An out of body experience

Apparently, I just applied for university.

On Friday, I found out that UNE applications close tonight at midnight, so today, Inigo skipped his nap, and went to bed at 5.30 so mama could scan documents and talk herself up.

Number one on my list is a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours. This is either proof that I am completely unhinged, or a great way to distract myself from the inescapable pain of everyday life.


And here is a picture of a small boy in a home made tutu.

3 thoughts on “An out of body experience”

  1. I love the tutu.
    As for uni, it has does wonders for me and my pursuit for sanity.
    Go for it.
    I start with UNE this semester after ditching on campus study.
    It would be rather wonderful to have such a cool friend as yourself at the same uni as myself. We could meet for Mochas on Facebook.


  2. *Waves pompoms*

    I’ve noticed that people seem to study what they need – my remedial massage course was full of bad backs and reconstructed knees – so it fits that you’d want to study psychology after the year you’ve had.


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